5 Essential Tips for Safe and Effective Chainsaw Use

Chain saw is a handy tool which can be used for multiple purposes like tree felling, limbing, pruning, bucking, etc. However, they can be dangerous and can cause serious injuries. Thus, it is important to handle a chain saw with care and follow all the necessary precautions. In this article, we shall take a deep dive into all the necessary safeguards to use a chain saw.

What is a chain saw?

A chain saw is a power tool used to cut objects. The back-and-forth motion of a chain saw and sharp metal teeth allow it to cut through items easily. A chain saw can be manual i.e requires someone to manually push and pull the metal teeth, or have an electric or gasoline powered motor to carry out the task. Chain saws are also known as power saws.

What are the uses of a chainsaw?

Chain saws are handy machines that can be used for a variety of tasks like-

  • Cutting down branches and trees
  • Turning logs into lumber
  • Chopping firewood
  • Sculpting landscapes

What are the essential tips for safe and effective chain saw use?

Let us look at some important precautions you should take while using a chainsaw:

1. Wear safety gear

Always make sure to wear protective gear before using chainsaws. Here are some suggestions-

  • Safety goggles for protecting the eyes
  • Face shield to protect the face from flying wood pieces
  • Headgear to protect against falling objects
  • Hearing protection to prevent permanent ear damage due to the high volume of the motor
  • Heavy-duty work gloves
  • Heavy-duty work boots to prevent against fallen objects
  • Leg guards to protect from chainsaw clips

2. Follow operating guidelines

Before taking up a chain saw understand the tool, how it works, its power and the potential hazards. Read the owner’s manual and make sure to follow all guidelines, precautions and warnings mentioned in it. Do not use a chain saw that is damaged and always maintain it to ensure longevity. While operating a chain saw, maintain proper tension and when done, turn off the motor and apply the chain break before putting it down.

3. Practice chainsaw techniques

Failure to use a Best chain saw properly can cause serious injuries, thus it is important to practice using a chain saw. It is advisable to practice safe chainsaw techniques as they can help prevent health hazards.

4. Use recognised chainsaws

Only use chainsaws that are approved by the related ministry of your country. Do not use outdated, damaged or rusted chainsaws.

5. Use properly

Follow all the necessary precautions while using a chain saw. Do not adjust the chain while the motor is running or put down the chain saw before turning on the motor.

Do’s and Dont’s of using a cordless chain saw


  • Wear protective gear
  • Stand 3 meters away from it
  • Follow the guidelines in the manual
  • Use caution while handling fuel
  • Keep the saw’s blade lubricated
  • Avoid the kickback zone
  • Regularly sharpen the blade

Do not-

  • Operate a gas-powered chain saw in an enclosed area as the carbon monoxide fuels can be fatal
  • Operate a damaged chain saw
  • Use it with one hand
  • Overreach or cut above shoulder level


A chain saw machine is a functional tool used for various purposes but carries the danger of multiple health hazards. Thus it is important to understand how it operated and follow all necessary safeguards properly. Follow our guide on 5 essential tips for safe and effective chainsaw use.