Easy Ways To Generate Donations For Your Charity


Charities are an important part of society. Whether they should have to exist, is another matter, but their designated role is to help those in need,  and many people do want to show their support.That being said, it is important that you are able to get your mission out into the world and reach out to plenty of people, in order for it to take off.  So, if you are in charge of raising funds for an important cause, marketing will play a significant role in how successful your campaign is.

This piece is going to take a look at a few easy ways you can encourage people to donate to your cause, so it’s simple for both parties.

Why should the Donation Process be Easy?

Charities need the donation process to be easy for a couple of reasons. Many people don’t have a lot of free time in their lives, and any breaks they do have, will be for their own benefit. If you are asking someone to fill out a 3 page form, just to donate a couple of dollars, that’s really going to put people off! The collective attention span of the general population, is lower than it ever has been, and while it is no one’s fault, it does need to be considered when you are actively trying to get people’s attention. Nowadays, the use of technology for charities and non-profits is essential to help with raising money in a convenient way. So many people are using this way to donate now that it has to be easy to do. Integrating online fundraising software, or donation software either for the every day or during events, will help out these types of businesses a lot.

Top Tip: try to keep the sign up or donation process, down to 3 actions at the most!

Charity Supported Links

If you are selling a product or service to raise money for a specific cause, having the ‘call to action’ link set up, so the donation automatically tacks on, really makes it a breeze. Amazon Smile does something similar, as they donate a portion of every sale to the charity of your choice. You can increase the price on a particular service or product and make a note that it is for a donation, or you can donate a designated percent of profits to the charity of your choice. Using this system, means that the user only has to purchase something they would do normally, to make a contribution.

SMS Donation

SMS donation is a very popular strategy, as people are able to donate to a cause by simply using one word/number in a text. Asking consumers to text, ‘12345’, for instance, to a specific number, will charge their phone plan, whatever you have specified as the donation. This is a simple 30-second procedure, which donators will not even have to pay for, until the end of their service month. Find out more about sms fundraising, and use it to make the most of your campaign.

Check-Out Donation

A check-out donation, is another simple way of allowing customers to tack on a couple of cents or dollars, to whatever it is they’re buying. This check box is usually located in the checkout part of the sales funnel, and allows customers to contribute to charity.