Earn2Trade Platforms 2022: Is It Safe or a Scam?

With hundreds of new trainers, forex and futures prop firms, and education organizations springing up overnight, it’s getting tougher and more challenging to determine whether a company is trustworthy.

Futures and forex trading are studied at Earn2Trade platforms, a reputed institution for forex training. They provide students with direct instruction, webinars, and tutoring sessions. And after the workout is through, they place their successful students with merchant guilds. Teachers, professional traders, and top-notch developers make up the team. Is this program legitimate, then? 

Here is a detailed review of Earn2Trade.

Overall, the platform is fully legitimate, and the course appears appealing. It does not, however, come cheap. We will evaluate the company in this review to see whether the training is cost-effective.

Many companies will guarantee that they can quickly turn you into an experienced trader. However, they are unable to meet their obligations. Therefore, extensive research is required. To determine whether a company is worth your money, there are numerous things to watch out for.

The company must be transparent and handled by professionals. They also need to have proven trading results. Physical Address and Customer Service for BecoThe company lists 30 N Gould Street, STE 4000, Cheyenne, Sheridan, 82801, as its physical address. It’s a positive sign because the company is not afraid of being located.

The company provides customer support. They ensure to give their clients around-the-clock, first-rate customer service. The platform is also active on social media.

What goods is Earn2Trade selling?

Three funded trader programs are now available from Earn2Trade. The Trader Career Path, The Gauntlet, and The Gauntlet Mini. Earn2Trade is one of the best prop trading firms can be used for trading futures but not FX. 

Who should use Earn2Trade?

Earn2Trade is the best prop trading firms for aspiring traders who want to improve their abilities and become experts. The Gauntlet, Gauntlet Mini, and Trader Career Path programs offer opportunities for those who currently have a profitable trading approach but need more trading cash. Gauntlet Mini rules

Funded trading accounts have requirements you must strictly follow, as you may already be aware of. They exist to decide whether or not you are permitted to trade using a set of rules.

For instance, if someone has yet to show they are a capable and skilled trader, would you allow them a quarter million dollars to trade your money? Not!

Because of this, there are rules in place which are pretty simple to understand:

  • Trade for at least 15 days.
  • Stay within your daily loss cap.
  • Avoid exceeding the maximum position size.
  • Never exceed or descend below the trailing drawdown.
  • You can only exchange when it’s suitable.
  • It would be best if you conformed to the hierarchy of advancement

The Gauntlet-Mini Sample

Let’s say you decide to enter the $25,000 contest. You’ll carry out the following:

  • A minimum of 15 trading days must be spent trading.
  • You may now spend up to or less than the $550 daily loss cap.
  • You must keep the maximum position size of three contracts.
  • You might miss the $1500 trailing decline.
  • Only trade during the allowed trading hours, and follow the progression ladder, if you’re a professional trader.
  • After finishing the course, you can begin a career in the capital markets and take advantage of its freedom. You’ll have complete control over your schedule, be your boss, and join a reputable neighborhood. You will receive mentoring from the support staff to help you improve your trade.

Can the Gauntlet Mini be reset?

Resetting costs $100; however, the billing cycle needs to restart. This will raise the account balance. The account will only return to its initial balance due to this. You are granted free access to the webinar, lesson, and whole video libraries following program enrollment.


This company seems legitimate overall. They have been open and honest about who they are and have disclosed their corporate headquarters location. Additionally, the services they offer appear to be highly fascinating. The company appears to have little trading experience, nevertheless. They have yet to prove that their trade instructors have trading expertise.