Do You Know When Your Email Has Arrived And Is Read By The Others

Microsoft Outlook users can send e-mail asking that it be conveyed to the reader. But if you want to receive an email to ignore it, so do not know whether or not that email has already been viewed. If you are waiting for a reply after sending the email, and to get the answer that you did not receive an email, then the solution is Mailtrack. You can use it Mailtrack with Gmail. The way it works is like WhatsApp application messaging system.Mailtrack


Then send e-mail show one check (Tick) takes, and double check opening the email. Which you can know quickly that, the email is not only reached, but also have been seen. This plugin is available free of charge for the Google Chrome browser. Also, very valuable asset to your email account, so the plugin is guaranteed complete privacy and safety. Actually this plugin sends an email with a small image, which has views over report the Mail track, and e-mail gets double ticked. Moreover, with each email sent a Mailtrack signature. The Mailtrack plugin is available hundred percent free with promises of privacy and security precautions.