Do You Know What Is The Difference Between Domain Name And Web Hosting?

People who are newest web developing field. It is very difficult for them to understand, where to start this work. What is a domain name and hosting here, it is very difficult for them to understand. Today I will tell you the solution for the same problem. The most important things in the field of Web Developing and giving in this field is like a backbone. If you do these two things well at the beginning of this work will not face any difficulty. Domain names and hosting are two things not exist should be erased  throughout the Internet.

What is Domain Name:

First consider the domain is the domain name? Where do I get it? What is the importance of web Many web sites you visit during the day and takes care of them, for example, or etc. This is called the domain name in simple words you can say that domain name is the address of any website, This is a site ID, the identification. Which makes the site recognized if you are not aware of anything of value is left. The importance of this domain name you can guess.[adsense]
Domain Name And Web Hosting

What is Web Hosting:

What is hosting? When you are on a domain and web site visits are required, If you ever thought that the web site you are visiting where the data are lying? You go into no more depth, just touch it a little bit as online server dedicated to your website which is known as web spaces. The web space for your web site data file have been stuck. In addition to this web space and facilities are some of you, who are hosting together. If you buy a domain from somewhere that would give the company a little payment, which you can take comfort, The hosting fee is given to the company, which you have to have space for the domain. Domain and hosting you can pick from two different companies, but each company usually provides faciletes or both. For your convenience, these two things you can buy from the same company.