Do I Need a Virtual Phone System for My New Business? Yes – Check Out These 7 Benefits For Entrepreneurs

If you are starting a new business, you currently have a small company, or you are in the planning phase of your new entrepreneurial endeavor, it can be hard to figure out where to start. What types of technology do you need to succeed? What are the perfect marketing strategy and outreach methods that you should use to help broadcast your business? How can you make yourself stand out in the competition? 

There are seemingly endless numbers of questions that you need to tackle before your business can become a success. One of the main issues new entrepreneurs have before starting a business and in the implementation phase of their company is figuring out how they can stay on top of their marketing and communication with customers.

After all, customers are some of the most important aspects of a business – if the customer is not happy, they will go somewhere else. The more customers you lose, the less money you have, the more your reputation suffers, and the less chance you have of succeeding. So how can you keep your customers happy and improve productivity? 

We have the answer – a virtual phone system! A virtual phone system is an ideal tool for entrepreneurs – and here is why. 

  • More productive at all points of the day – As an entrepreneur, you need to be productive and work all of the time. You do not have the luxury of working 9-5 when you are a business owner. Although you have more flexibility in some aspects as the business grows and gets older – like taking a vacation, working flexible hours, and not listening to a boss – you will have to build your business from the ground up. This typically requires more man-hours and time spent working on issues in the beginning phases. During the inception of your business, being productive while on the go is key to avoiding any missed chances of communication and connection with customers or future business partners. A virtual phone system is the best way that you can stay connected, as you can re-route your calls instantly, deliver voicemails to your inbox, and easily forward emails. 
  • What are virtual phone numbers? A virtual phone number provides you with the opportunity to communicate with anyone in the world at any time, using almost any internet-connected device. It is, therefore, understandable that online phone numbers are increasing in popularity. Virtual phone numbers offer flexible communication options and a layer of privacy, something many professionals worry a great deal about.
  • Redirect calls – If you are on the phone with someone else – and another client is calling you – then you will have to redirect the call to avoid putting them directly to voicemail or missing their call completely. Haven’t you ever called someone with an urgent matter and you are immediately forwarded? The dreaded forward feature can cause the caller to avoid calling again and take their business elsewhere. Prevent this from happening to your new business by using a virtual phone system. The virtual phone system can easily redirect calls so you will never miss a connection with an important caller.
  • Professionalism Is Key – When you’re starting out as an entrepreneur, you need to be professional. However, if you are starting out and you are running your business from your mom’s basement or your studio apartment, how professional will this look? If you are calling your business contacts from your personal cell phone number with a casual voicemail answering machine and you do not have a business address, how can people trust you in the industry? Put on a professional appearance to get more clients and customers by using a virtual phone system. A virtual phone system like this answering service for doctors office provides you with what you need to get customers through the door, like a professional answering machine and a business phone number, both of which contribute to a professional image.
  • Employee and customer service – The most important parts of your business are employees and customer service. If your employees are happy, they are going to stay with your company and provide better customer service. If your customers are happy, they are going to keep coming back for more and recommend your business to others – see how it works? Keeping everyone happy is the key to creating a well-oiled machine in your business. Use a virtual phone system so you can make the work easier on your employees, which simultaneously boosts the customer experience and avoids any miscommunication. 
  • Cost benefits – The next reason to use a virtual phone system as an entrepreneur is to save money. As a new business owner, you are trying penny-pinchers at every corner – if you spend thousands of dollars on a part of your business, this can lead to you being in debt very fast. Avoid spending excess money from the get-go by using the virtual phone system. A virtual phone system will increase your productivity and effectiveness, therefore making you more of a profit – while you simultaneously save money on this cost-effective outreach and organizational method! 
  • Organize your contacts – The sixth benefit of using a virtual phone system for your new business is that you can organize your callers and your contacts. Instead of getting important phone calls from potential business connections – and then forgetting what they said or who they were – a virtual phone system can organize your connections. The virtual phone system can take voicemails, redirect calls, save important information, and re-route emails to your inbox so you can find peoples’ contact information quickly and easily. 
  • Use your smartphone! – If you are under the age of 75 years old, chances are you have a smartphone – and probably if you are over 75 as well! Smartphones are everything nowadays -they are where we send emails, take photos, use applications, and send WhatsApp or text messages. Remain productive while you are on the move by using a virtual phone system that is compatible with your smartphone. You can use your virtual phone system with a smartphone application to stay up to date with the current 21st century and stay engaged with clients. 


Are you considering using a virtual phone system for your new business? We don’t blame you! This organizational and outreach method is perfect to help keep your clients and employees happy – and simultaneously boost your productivity and profit! A virtual phone system lets entrepreneurs easily connect with clients, increase employee retention, and enhance marketing strategies.