Dell Inc

Dell is the world’s leading technology and computer systems company. Founded in 1984  in USA. They work since from 26 years and deals with the software and hardware either fields and also with the BPO sector as well, dell has got much publicity with the laptop products. Learn more about dell visit official website.Dell-logo[adsense]

Employer Type IT services, Direct Employer, Computer hardware & software, IT consulting
Headquarters Texas, United States
Official Website http://
Technologies C, C++,Java, , J2EE, EJB, ASP+,ASP.Net , C#, MTS, XML, VB, VC++, PHP, SAP
Certifications  CMM
Job Posts
Employees in 2011 10,0000
Address Dell Inc1 Dell Way, Round Rock,Texas, United States
Tel/Fax 1-800-WWW-DELL