Data Privacy Is Still An Issue


There has been enough news with regard to privacy issues all thanks to Facebook and Google. The fundamental issue with regard to privacy and data harvesting is how these social media platforms are tapping into the use of data and exploiting it in order to create advertisements that are engaging and focused on the right audience. This is what has created a goldmine of sorts on social media platforms. However, the main issue here is how data privacy and exploitation of this data can create a divided society and community. Add to this conundrum the role of algorithms and the whole issue of being at the service of emotion-less algorithms can have a detrimental effect on society and our communities.

Consider how Facebook is creating its metaverse where there is a different reality and even a personalized reality that you can tap into. Although, this will be a paradise of sorts for marketers and advertisers, there is the issue of data privacy that users will have to contend with. Data privacy has been an issue ever since Google started monetizing search ads. Following Google into this deep hole is Facebook, which is using data to earn money from advertisements. It is not only Facebook and Google that have privacy concerns, but also Instagram and Snapchat and TikTok. The issue of privacy will only serve to become a bigger theme in future.

Facebook’s metaverse proves to be that ultimate test when it comes to data privacy. Data privacy is not only about keying in your details with regard to your age, location and gender on an application but also how companies can harvest your biometrics by tapping into your wearables. This was an event that Yuval Noah Harari predicted and which is coming to fruition today. Ultimately what happens is human beings become hackable and big corporations will be able to know us far more than we know ourselves. It is the surrendering of the data which is going to be an issue that big corporations can use for nefarious means.

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Mobile development is probably going to be a past topic of discussion since smartphones are clearly going to transition onto wearable devices like the Hololens. Privacy will still be an issue when it comes to wearables that will give you access to different multiverses. There is the possibility of a retina scan being done and data being stolen which will allow hackers access to your own personal accounts. Moreover, there needs to be laws with regard to privacy that should be instilled and obeyed. One recent initiative with regard to privacy laws was GDPR. This has been an excellent initiative which has helped take the battle to corporations and institutions that are considering data breaches and compromising privacy of user accounts.

Mobile application development will quite possibly evolve into wearable application development. Star Trek gave rise to the iPhone, and this will evolve. Now with wearable technology becoming more mainstream, there will be a great demand for applications that link users to a multiverse where reality is perceived based on account preferences and settings.