Copernic Desktop Search Provides You A Fast And Accurate Solution

Copernic Desktop Search Advanced search solution that is secure, scalable and easy to maintain and deploy. You can instantaneously find files, emails, attachments and many other content types stored anywhere on their computers. It will give you privacy, security and also save time. Supports hundreds of new and legacy file types Word, Excel, PowerPoint, RTF, PDF, Outlook, Thunderbird, Eudora., Lotus and Notes etc. Used in all Microsoft windows versions Windows XP SP3 Win Vista and Windows 7.desktop-search

Main Features:

  • Customize or limit indexing of local and network drives
  • Specify file types to be indexed and limit to important content
  • Includes detailed documentation for system administrators
  • Finds results as you type
  • Supports advanced search operators, phrases, and options to narrow your search results
  • Scan a quick preview of any found document
  • Open, print, delete found files
  • Forward and reply to found emails
  • Add and delete functions and icons
  • Integrate with your Intranet, and more[adsense]

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Copernic Desktop Search available in Home Version (Free), Professional Version and Corporate Version(Need to buy) Check it now