Construction Measurement Calculators For Engineers and AutoCAD Experts

Calculated Industries Inc (CI) founded in 1978. It is a leading manufacturer and marketer of specialty construction calculators and digital measuring tools, for the last 30 years. These products have helped more than eight million Engineers and AutoCAD Experts work better and more efficiently with easy to use its portable solutions. The functionality of these powerful handheld specialty and construction calculators whenever and wherever you need it in various categories such as Android, iPhone/iPad, PC Software, Windows Phone/Mobile.CONSTRUCTION MASTER[adsense]Construction Products Helps You Solve:

*Conversions Between Feet-Inch-Fractions, Decimal Feet, Decimal Inches, and Yards.
*Dimensional Math Problems.CONSTRUCTION MASTER  (2)
*Imperial/Metric Conversions.
*Problems Involving All Common Fractions.
*Area/Volume Calculations.
*Board Feet/Lumber Calculations & Circle Calculations.
*Instant Square-up, Perimeter, Wall Area, Room Area and Volume.
*Column/Cone Area and Volume.
*Compound Miter Cuts for Crown Molding.
*Material Estimates and Costs.
*Right Angle/Triangle Solutions.
*Roofing Materials & Polygons & Rake-Walls.
*Stair Layout & Weight/Volume Conversions.
*Block/Bricks, Concrete Footings and Drywall.

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