Choosing Between a College Degree or a Coding Bootcamp

Coding Bootcamp

If you are interested in a career in tech you may wonder if it is necessary to attend college or if a bootcamp would be sufficient. The tech industry is strong, so, as long as you are competent, it should be possible to find employment regardless of the path you take. There are, however, advantages to each method. Having a degree in computer science, math, or a related field will open doors for you when the time comes to apply for jobs.Coding Bootcamp

A College Degree Imparts Respect

If you have a degree in the field, it is assumed that you have a base level of competence. Of course, you will still go through the interview process., and that typically involves a test of your technical skills. For many individuals, having to code in front of interviewers is a challenge that is difficult to overcome. If you do decide to earn your college degree, you must dedicate time on your own to become comfortable coding. While your degree will teach you the skills required to become a successful programmer, you may not spend much time coding. Your campus may have a coding club, or you can attend meet-ups to help strengthen your skills.

Bootcamps Get You Out the Door Quicker

A coding bootcamp aims to help you become employed in the field as quickly as possible. Whether this is 3 months, 6 months, or another term, this is intense, and the information comes at you quickly. Bootcamps are a great choice for people hoping to pivot into a new career. You gain valuable skills quickly and do not spend much time out of the job market. While you will learn solid coding skills, [adsense]there is no time to learn all of the structures involved in a computer science degree. You may need to spend some time learning about algorithms and data structures on your own to help boost your odds of employment. Many bootcamps will also give lessons in passing technical interviews and help you find employment, which can ease the stress of finding a job.

Financing Your Choice

A computer science degree will cost more than a bootcamp, although those can be surprisingly pricey. The shorter period of bootcamps may cause a little sticker shock when you see the price. It is important to note that bootcamps do pack a great deal of education into a few short months. There are a variety of ways to pay for your courses. Don’t let your concerns over how you will pay for your education factor into your choice. Grants, scholarships, and loans are available to cover the cost. If you need to borrow more than you qualify for under federal guidelines, private student loans are available to close the gap. Whether you are considering a coding bootcamp or a four-year degree, you should make the decision that works best for your particular lifestyle and career goals. This period is relatively short, and you are investing in a career path with longevity and excellent compensation, so make the choice that gives you the best odds of success.