CGPA into Percentage Chart According to Higher Education Commission of Pakistan

GPA and CGPA both are based on a student’s performance in a whole semester, colleges and universities also give more importance to GPA than CGPA while granting admissions to students. Grade Point Average (GPA) is calculated for a single term or a year, and Cumulative Grade Points Achieved (CGPA) is calculated for the entire duration of a course. The CGPA is used as a criterion for graduation honours and shown on the student’s transcript.CGPA into Percentage ChartA student’s Grade Point Average (GPA) is calculated as Cumulative Grade Points Achieved (CGPA) that multiply the grade points for the grade achieved by the course weight. GPA and CGPA are grade systems used in different colleges and universities to measure of a student’s educational abilities. The numerical grade value is A = 4 points, B = 3 points, C = 2 points, D = 1 point, and F = 0 points.

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