Certification Course In UX Design

What is UX design?

UX Design or User Experience Design is concerned with ensuring the efficient & delightful experience, the end-user has, with the functionality of the product, service, website, apps, etc. It is the responsibility of a UX designer to research, analyze and understand the behaviour, values, preferences, motivations and needs, etc. of the end-user and consequently incorporate the same into his design. He can either work on a new design or improve the existing product experience.

Essential Skill requirement:

  • Research & Analytical Skills
  • Building wireframes and prototypes
  • Visual Communication that is not only as per client’s requirement but also efficient as well as visually stimulating
  • Information Architecture & coding skills along with competencies in diverse programming languages
  • Eye for detail to ensure an immaculate error-free product
  • Manage timelines so as to ensure timely completion of projects.
  • Communication & interpersonal skills to collaborate with various stakeholders as well as communicate the concepts.
  • Problem-solving skills

Responsibilities of UX Designer:

  • Strategize to design the concept that is aligned as per the client’s requirement. He also ensures that the team is working towards the common objective of converting this concept into a reality.
  • Research & Analysis: Basis the research & analysis, the UX designer understands the motivations & preferences of the end-user and accordingly devises the functionality of the product that is efficient as well as delightful. Besides this, he is also involved with competitive analysis.
  • He is responsible for Information architecture, Wire-framing, and prototyping such that the users can locate the information effortlessly but also accomplish their goals.
  • Analyzing and testing of user experience
  • Collaborate with UI designers, product managers, developers & other stakeholders to deliver an awesome product experience

Certification course in UX design course

In order to complete your certification in UX Design course, you must choose a college that offers:

  • Professional certification from an accredited college recognised at not only domestic but also international level.
  • The curriculum must aim at creating meaningful interactions between technology and humans.
  • The students must gain an understanding of human behaviour, visual design, systems thinking, programming, emerging tech, etc. in addition to the capability to manage the complete product development cycle-from problem definition to evaluation to evaluation and final delivery.
  • The curriculum must offer an understanding of the basics of HCI (Human-Computer Interaction) as well as principles and practices of UX design.
  • Competencies in developing wireframes, basic programming skills, prototypes, graphic and web designs, analytical skills, etc. must be offered by the college.
  • College must ensure industry exposure to students through interactions with industry experts, live projects, internships, etc.
  • World-class studio with all the latest software and hardware is a must-have.
  • The course must equip students with skills to research and analyze competition, end-users as well as ensuing trends, etc.
  • The college must offer additional skills vis-e-vis the UX Design course so that the students remain relevant to the field.
  • The college must inspire students to figure out the genesis behind their concepts. They should use these to defend their concepts at the time of presentations. Thus assisting students in gaining confidence.