Calc + Is An Excellent And A Powerful Calculator App For Android Phones

The new and beautiful Calc + Android app, which you can easily solve the problem of the calculation. You can save your work for future and also can be sure your result. The calculation of a line you can see, and if you want to bring some change in the results could easily, and this change can induce a regular response. There are many themes in the application, which you can use according to your preference.Calc +

Important Features:
1-You can calculate numbers with operators and display each calculation on one line, you can take a look at all of your calculations.

2-Also reuse the previous result for continuing to calculate. [adsense]

3-Allow editing numbers and operators when you input incorrect them in any position.

4-Update calculation ’s result automatically in concern with edited numbers or operators, reduce effort for calculating.

5-Easily share the calculation’s history for your friend easily, or store it with some note’s apps.

This application allows the calculation of your daily life will improve considerably.You can download this from: