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Sky Herbs,Vegetable and Flowers Seed Company is established in 2007 sited in Lahore, Pakistan and is engaged in production and marketing of Hybrid, O.P. vegetables, Flowers, herbs seeds and flower bulbs throughout Pakistan under “Sky Seeds” Brand through its nationwide marketing network. They have been importing high quality hybrid and selected varieties from different countries of the world and sale our seeds throughout in Pakistan on wholesale and retail Basis. Buy Online Seeds

They are also importing good quality seeds for our farmers. They are promoting kitchen gardening within Pakistan. They consult through well known and professional “Agrarians” and spray insecticides, fungicides, and all kinds of pesticides Under their supervision and advice . Apart from all these consultations we are providing the same consultancy in horticulture and home gardening also. [adsense]They provide pesticides to kill pests in home. They also provide termite Control Chemicals advice before constructing your houses and after construction through best and experienced companies in this field.Herb Seeds

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Address: Sky Seeds 89 Vegetable Market, Alama Iqbal Town Lahore, Pakistan
Phone: 92-4235422358 | 0321-4111426 | 0332-4111426
Fax: 92-4235436597