Blockchain Replaces Trust – German Founders will Revolutionize CBD Supply Chains

The German start-up CeBioLabs wants to revolutionize the market for CBD and Cannabis and its supply chains. With CeBiol, a sister company of CeBioLabs, the team has already been active in the European CBD market for 5 years. Through several years of experience, one knows the market with its weaknesses and problems very well. Due to the many players involved in the market, the supply chains are often long and complex. Relevant information is often not available to the market participants, which is because it is only partially, incorrectly, or not at all communicated. The market is not transparent, and information is mostly not traceable. As a result, the high-quality requirements are often not met, and trust problems arise.

Control of CBD Value Creation from Sowing to Sale

This is where CeBioLabs brings blockchain technology into play. The company has developed the world’s first blockchain-based supply chain management tool that makes the entire value chain for CBD and Cannabis products transparent and traceable for all market participants. On this platform, all data about production, distribution and sales steps are documented in detail. This includes information on the quality of the seeds, the cultivation of the plants, fertilization and irrigation, pest control, harvesting and drying, extraction of the biomass, further refinement and filling, transport routes, as well as quality controls and laboratory analyses. Any existing certifications of the players involved, such as organic certification or GMP certification, are also documented. Only detailed documentation of correct and traceable data can ensure the quality of the end products and eliminate trust issues.

CeBioLabs Solves Real Problems in the Market by Using the Blockchain

The heart of the “CeBioLabs SCM” system is blockchain technology. With the help of blockchain technology, all data is stored in a traceable and immutable manner. Due to the decentralized structure, without a central instance, the data is not only traceable but also managed in an unchangeable way, i.e. safe from manipulation. Individual data blocks are combined, linked within the network, and strung together to form a chain of blocks. Cryptographic mechanisms ensure that the data included in the blockchain cannot be changed or manipulated. Blockchain technology can be used not only for the CBD and Cannabis market. Due to the many advantages it offers, it will be also interesting for all kind of other industries.

Complete Documentation of all steps for more Quality on the Market

Through the unique “CeBioLabs SCM” system, there will be no more gaps of information in supply chains in the future. Altered or incorrectly transmitted data will also be a thing of the past. Every market participant has the possibility to retrieve all relevant data at any time and in correct form. Consumers also have the possibility to retrieve data relevant to them and thus to check the promised quality. Blockchain technology means that in the future, people will no longer have to rely on the trustworthiness of other market participants. The CeBioLabs SCM system will make the entire CBD and cannabis products market transparent, which is so sensitive. As a result, the market will clean itself up and the quality of products on the market will increase significantly.

CBSL Token ICO in 2022

The CBSL token is used as the primary means of payment for the “CeBioLabs SCM” system. The usage fees can be paid exclusively with the help of the CBSL token. The CBSL token has been extensively reviewed by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) and classified as a utility token. Further regulation of the token on the part of the authority therefore does not have to take place, which has been confirmed. An Initial Coin Offering (ICO), where companies can purchase the token, will be conducted by the company in 2022. All information on this can be found at