Beware From Dangerous virus software available on the Internet Warned By Google

A virus or worm is a computer program that can spread across computers and networks by making copies of itself, usually without the user’s knowledge. Recently Google warned that the deadly virus is present in most software available on the Internet, like fake anti-virus software etc. Mostly computer users download this crap case the harmful effects for their computers. Fake anti-virus software often contains dangerous virus that can cause serious damage to the computers.
Beware from Viruses[adsense]According to the Google that during the thirteen months, tow hundred and fifty million web pages on the Internet after it was revealed that anti-virus software programs and fifteen percent are fake and eleven thousand websites involved in selling fake anti-virus software and more than half of the software are sold through advertising, after some time later these fake softwares asked for money for their  software is registered. When the innocent customers do get paid and registered software but it does more harm than benefit.