Best Text Editor for Python (Microsoft Visual Studio)

Best Text Editor for Python

Python is a reliable and flexible programming language quite popular when it comes to open source projects and, at the same time, easy to learn. It can be used for free on any operating system, and it is spread by a wide community of open source developers. In addition to that, many free-to-use libraries are available for it. Python supports all development methods, including web applications, web services, computer programs, scripts, and scientific calculations. It is used by many universities, scientists, professional and non-professional developers.Best Text Editor for Python

But the key to every programming language is the framework to process and work with the code itself. Thus, when learning for yourself Python as something new, one will definitely ask quite an important question: “What is the best framework to work with Python?” Most of the forums and professionals, who have ever dealt with Python when working on some open source project would definitely say that it is Microsoft Visual Studio.

Visual Studio is a powerful integrated development environment (IDE) coded in in the Python language for Windows. Visual Studio provides comprehensive open-source facilities to support the Python language, including Python development workloads and data processing and analysis.

Visual Studio’s Python environments allow step by step consistently manage all of the global Python environments, Conda environments, and virtual environments. Visual Studio automatically detects Python installations in standard locations, and also allows one to customize non-standard installation options. In each environment, it is possible to easily manage packages, open the interactive window of this environment, and access the environment folders.

Microsoft Visual Studio provides a high-class Python framework for code editing that includes syntax color markup, auto-completion of code lines and libraries, code formatting, signature assistance, refactoring, code analysis for potential errors, and tips on types. Microsoft Visual Studio also provides unique features such as class presentation, a transition to a definition, search for all references, and code fragments. Direct integration with the interactive framework helps quickly develop Python code, instantly saving it in a form of a file.[adsense]

Visual Studio allows one to cope with the gradually increasing complexity of a project, which is much more than a folder structure, it includes information about the difference of the files, which are used and their interrelation with each other. Visual Studio helps to recognize application code, test code, web pages, JavaScript, build scripts, and so on. All these then allows a coder to use features specific to each file type. In addition, the Visual Studio solution helps to manage several related projects, such as a Python project and a C++ extension project.

Project and item templates automate the whole process of setting up various types of files and projects, saving valuable time and freeing the web developer from complex routine operations, during which it is easy to make mistakes. Visual Studio provides templates for web projects, Azure, data processing and analysis, console and other types of projects, along with templates for files such as Python classes, module tests, Azure web configurations, HTML, and even Django applications.

One of the main advantages of Visual Studio is its powerful debugger. In particular, for Python, Visual Studio supports debugging in mixed mode in Python and C++, remote debugging in Linux, debugging in an interactive frame, and debugging of Python module tests.

Thanks to all of the above-mentioned peculiarities, Visual Studio is highly-appreciated around the world and in the broad community of programmers. It enables to work on the creation of web projects and different web applications under comfortable and user-friendly conditions. Its broad spectrum of options is capable to bait even the most avid fans of other IDE also software development oriented.