Best Online Smartphone Tools to Write Text on Photos

Life nowadays has taken the fast road and people have become busy with so much work on their hands that it has not been easy to find spare time. To make life less of a hassle, technology has advanced to a level that has almost eased communication with people near or far, with the help of smartphones, that have provided its users a wide range of Android apps to cater to almost every walk of life. People take photos of their family while taking a vacation from work and share these photos with dear ones living in far off places, that has become a trend of today or share the photos on social media with caption on images making them communicative to all. Online Tools to Write

There are many apps to customize the appearance of the photos through options such as write text on photos and add caption on images. Some of the Android apps that help to write text on photos are mentioned below:

Add Text to Photos:
Add text to photos is a powerful photo editing app that gives users the option to make images more interesting than they already are. With the write text on photos option you can add interesting caption on images and share those with your friends and family over the social media. You can also decorate the pictures with beautiful stickers, attractive backgrounds, emotions in addition to the other designing features. The app is a good addition to the category of adding caption on images and is available to download for free from Google Play Store.

Font studio – Text on photo:
The app is all about adding text on the images of the user’s choice and many fonts are available to customize images into the interesting pictures. Many filters of high density are provided through the app to make a simple image into a professional photograph, also many color combinations of the fonts are also a plus point of this app. The text can also be made more prominent through caption on images or squeezed to make the image more visible. The write text on photos can be set according to shapes such as a cloud or a heart. The user can place the already taken image of a baby or a dear one inside the shape of a heart to show emotion relative to the photo and also to give it a nice effect by adding a relevant caption on images.[adsense]

Design 1 – Photo editor:
This app edits photos into beautiful pictures, and works like a photo editor. Text can easily be added to photos and the user can write as many words as possible or long quotes can be pasted on images through the captions on images option, there is no word limit to be added to photos. Also text rotations are a plus point of this app as well as changing fonts and their color combinations suitable to the photos is very welcoming. The photo editor write text on photos app offers its users a wide variety of stickers to be added to photos and decorate once simple photo into something creative. Frames of interesting designs and sizes are also available to the user’s advantage, and also a wide range of wonderful backgrounds with caption on images to make the regular image into a thing of beauty.

InstaQuote – Add text to photos:
The InstaQuote write text on photos app is regarded as the best Android app available for adding caption on images. There is the option of customizing the size as well as the font of phrases or quotes that are added to photos, and once the image is ready it can be shared on Instagram instantly. It is a very interesting write text on photos app for all the typography fans as it helps the user to change the background of images to make them more pleasing, and also many templates can be added to the photos to give a creative touch to the regular image.