Best Free Data Recovery Software for Windows

Bitwar Data Recovery

When it comes to free data recovery software for Windows, Bitwar Data Recovery stands out with its powerful features and an easy-to-use user interface that promotes discover-ability. Bitwar Data Recovery is your reliable tool whenever you accidentally delete a file, format the hard drive, empty the Recycle Bin a bit too soon, or after many other common data loss situations, it can recover your lost files & data up to unlimited amounts with just 3 easy steps.Bitwar Data Recovery

Best Free Data Recovery Solution is Your First Choice

When you experience a loss of data no matter from Windows XP/Vista/7/8/9/10 or on the SD card, external hard drive, USB drive, etc. the only thing you may do is to look for the best data recovery solution and somehow, you are wasting precious time because all of other data recovery software offer only 1-2GB recovery amounts for free, meanwhile, vital business documents, photos, videos are gone forever.
Hence, the best course of action is to stop using the device that contains your lost data and keeps Bitwar Data Recovery always installed on your PC/Laptop, you can rush to recover immediately while finding a loss of data in the first sight.
Most importantly, you are guaranteed to perform full recovery with Bitwar Data Recovery as the software allows you to recover up to UNLIMITED data at no cost.

100% Safe and Clean Data Recovery Software can minimize your loss

If you think you have a good habit of using the computer and keep in mind to back up the vital data day and day, then you think there’s not necessary to use a data recovery software, you’re wrong, no matter a brand-new hard drive or the most reliable hard drive may fail and become corrupted.[adsense]
What’s more, the number of new virus, Trojan or malware samples recognized each day by top security companies is rising with each passing year, and anti-malware vendors can barely keep up with the bad people. This is the reason that no one dares to say their data is 100% safe.
However, when all other safety mechanisms fail, Bitwar Data Recovery for Windows can help you clean up the mess and minimize the damage for you.

Best Free Data Recovery Software for Windows Should be as simple as enough

Not all of the users are experts or specialists can know every technical skill to recover lost files from hard drive, thus, a step-to-step software interface should be the best choice for each newbie user that can operate it easily and quickly without any obstacles. And Bitwar Data Recovery is one of the easiest data recovery software you can rely on.Recover photos by Bitwar

How to get 30 days free trial from Bitwar Data Recovery

Simply register the account in the software and share the program with one of your social profiles, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, you will then enjoy the free Bitwar Data Recovery automatically after verified.30 days free trial