Benefits of the National Identity Card With Special Mark in Pakistan

Benefits of the NIC With Special Mark in Pakistan

Almost all countries provide disability-specific schemes anchored in national legislation. However, several area unit only tributary schemes that exclude each several persons with disabilities within the informal sector or outside the labour market and kids with disabilities. the general coverage of incapacity advantages is incredibly low in developing countries, however many middle-income countries have with success place in situ broad-based incapacity schemes with high levels of coverage.Benefits of the NIC With Special Mark in Pakistan

Disabled peoples can following benefits in Pakistan

For individual employers.

  • This is very important for the recruitment of persons with disabilities.
  • If this card is made, then your life cannot be transferred from one place to another because of it.
  • If you have this card, you will get two thousand monthly special convention allowance in the department, which is different from the general convention allowance.
  • If you have this card, it is easy for you to apply for many jobs abroad.
  • If you have this card, you will not have to pay any fee at the place where you will apply.
  • If you have this card, you can apply for free in (PSC) Public Service Commission & (NTS) National testing service.[adsense]

Its benefits for non-employees.

  • Tax free.
  • Shopping from a utility store at a 50% discount.
  • Free travel in the metro.
  • Two separate seats for those with this card in the metro.
  • Income tax is waived.
  • If you take land, tax is waived.
  • Free treatment in every hospital.
  • Benefits of free health and education for children.
  • Fifty percent fare waiver if you are on a plane trip.
  • Fifty percent train fare waived.
  • People in the department can offer you a job.
  • You can catch up to 1300cc non-customs pedestrians that travel all over Pakistan. And ED green number plate is allotted. They can also get.

This card is very important abroad. Wherever you go, you will be considered a special person and there you will get a protocol equal to that of a minister. Besides, there are many benefits. Now, the State Bank of Pakistan Has introduced a separate scheme for which you can get the interest free loan business of lakhs of rupees for business, house and land.