Benefits of In-House ID Card Printing for Businesses

Security is vital for every business, as it safeguards confidential data, keeps employees safe, and builds a brand image. ID cards play a crucial role in enhancing workplace security. It reduces the risk of unauthorized entry as it is easier to identify employees and differentiate them from visitors.

There are pros and cons to outsourcing ID cards vs using an in-house printing system. Investing in an in-house system can be convenient, efficient, and cost-effective. Explore the many benefits of in-house ID card printing before selecting the suitable option for your business.

More Control Over Design

If you outsource your ID cards and you want to make change changes to the design, you will have to consult the company and explain the changes required. Then you will have to wait for them to implement the changes, which could be time-consuming and expensive. On the other hand, when you have access to ID card printers at your office or warehouse, you have more control over the design. It is easier to design and print cards and make necessary changes.

Fast Issuance & Replacement

The process of ordering and receiving ID cards from a third party can be time-consuming. Whether you’re placing your first or replacement order, having access to the ID card system in-house speeds up the process. You can replace lost or damaged cards instantly and eliminate the waiting period in between, which could potentially slow down other business functions.

Higher Level of Security

Hiring a third party printing service to design and deliver your cards might pose a few risks. Since you cannot control the exposure of the ID card when the task is being completed outside your facility, private information on the cards can be viewed by unauthorized individuals. Cards can also get lost in the email before getting delivered to you, leading to a risk of identity theft or other security threats.

One of the key benefits of using in-house ID card printers is that you can control who can access the room where printing is done. It enables you to safeguard private information and reduce third party exposure. Your commitment to security will show your stakeholders that you are concerned about everyone’s safety, building your brand image.

Less Expensive in the Long Run

An ID card printer can be expensive sometimes, depending on the type of system you purchase. However, it can be more expensive to continuously print ID cards from a third party whenever you need a new card. Having a printer on-site saves you costs in the long term as it eliminates the need for a middleman. You can use the same system for several years, saving you the cost and hassle of consulting a third party whenever you need ID card services.

Quicker Upgrades

Thanks to technology, ID card systems are more efficient today. As more innovative functions are available now, you may want to upgrade your ID card system frequently to keep up with the latest technology. However, this can be time-consuming and costly when you hand over the responsibility to a third party.

If you own an ID card printer, you can quickly add or upgrade the functionality of your ID cards based on your needs. New functionality can include attendance tracking to reduce employee absenteeism, access control, payment functions, and more.

From cost savings to enhanced security and better brand image – an efficient in-house ID card system can benefit your business in many ways!