Avoid Eight Things Which Make Soft Drinks Poisonous

Soft Drinks Poisonous

Would you like to serve poison “Soft Drinks” in-front of your guest? Your answer will definitely be never. How is it possible? You are amazed defiantly after reading this question, but the real fact is based on the same. When you served so called Soft Drinks in front of our guests, then it is as similar that you are serving them poison. Soft drinks are really acting as poisons.Soft Drinks Poisonous

Avoid these drinks and always served and drink “Natural Drinks” which are better for health point of view. Keeping in view of all following soft drinks is too dangerous from health point of view. Always avoid these chemical drinks and use natural drinks only.

Following Reasons why I have said to Soft Drink as Poison:

Inclusion of Carbon Dioxide Gas (CO2): In the process of making a soft drink, water will be processed from carbon di-oxide (CO2), which is a dangerous gas from health point of view.

Phosphoric Acid: The phosphoric acid is also included in the soft drink which is so dangerous. This is the main cause of toothache. Avoid soft drinks and save your teeth.

Sodium Benzoate: This is also considered as dangerous chemical which is majorly used for the safe siding of plastic bottles. However, said chemical will also be a cause to the damaging inner wall of our stomach. As result more use of Soft drinks, stomach problem will increase as shape of Peptic Ulcer.[adsense]

White Sugar: White sugar is also being formatted after a certain chemical processing. If we see the disadvantages then an article is required only for its disadvantages. Approximately, six tablespoons of White sugar included in 250 ml regular soft drink bottle.

Chemical Color: To make attractive and delicious, soft drink also formatted in different colors. Said colors make more attractive, but on the other hand, these colors are basic cause and also leads Cancer.

Caffeine: In soft drinks, some quantity of caffeine has also been included in it. So, due to caffeine, drinker of soft water always needs it and it is added in his daily routine life as a habit.

Emulsifier: Emulsifier is a chemical which is used in soft drinks to make unity in all the aforementioned elements or chemicals. In the absence of Emulsifier, all the elements will separate from each other. This chemical will also dangerous from health point of view.

Unknown Natural Taste Flavors: To make soft drink as tasty, some unknown natural flavor has also been included in soft drinks. The taste will defiantly different and delicious, but too dangerous from health point of view.