Astonishing Experience For Using Features Of Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview

Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview has many changes compared to previous Microsoft Windows 8. If your computer is compatible for Windows 8, then It can also run Windows 10. Today I installed Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview build 9841 on my PC, and now I am enjoying its amazing features. The new start button is resizable, multiple desktops, more convenient tabs, Nice graphics effects, new icons, and a windows apps, resizable with exit button and the apps and programs are so good.Microsoft Windows 10b

 Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview Screenshots:Microsoft Windows 10 (2)Microsoft Windows 10 (3)

Microsoft Windows 10 (4)Microsoft Windows 10 (5)[adsense]Microsoft Windows 10 (6)Microsoft Windows 10 (7)

I recommend you if your PC supported windows 8 then upgrade or installed this OS, and use its new features like new start button with its hybrid approach, adds a search button to the taskbar multiple desktops, Internet Explorer 11, windows applications store button to the task bar, fast boot time, better security, new windows explorer button icon, Microsoft accounts and many more.