Advantages of School

We all are well aware that schools are temples of education where students who have no knowledge and no experience, learn a lot of things which are beneficial for them and their future. People usually know the importance of school’s and educational institutions but they don’t give much heed to it. Parents and guardians need to make their kids understand that this is a matter of good luck that they are studying in schools because schools develop character and knowledge in a student, making him/her social and knowledgeable to face the world and survive in this society with respect and honour. These days education has not been like it used to be earlier. Gone are the days when classes used to be teacher centred and only the tutor’s voice used to be echoed in the class. Now the whole scenario has changed and students get a complete chance to participate in the activities of the classroom and teaching and learning process. Nowadays students learn through online learning supported by LMS portals because LMS portals make online learning easy and safe. Students learn so much from the school and they get so much support from the school that school becomes the second home to them. Schools build character in the students and empower them to attain the most important strength of the whole universe and that is knowledge. so, let’s know some more advantages of school.


School benefits the world in both personal and social ways. School provides education to the students and kids who are the future of any nation and society. During their education students learn about various subjects related to human life and its benefits. ERP for school believes that students should have such good knowledge to learn further in their favourite fields and then reach that stage where they make their career and contribute in enhancing their society and development of their nation. Being educated students not only makes them good and developed but they also contribute in making society and the nation educated due to which they are able to eradicate poverty from the nation. And that is the reason why students are called the future of the nation. Education and learning have become such an invisible bridge that no one can see but is connecting nations and different borders. Today through online learning people from different nations are taking classes in the universities and schools of different countries. Students are getting degrees and acquiring qualifications in different fields. Schools have now broken the boundaries of borders and spread the fragrance of education all over the earth. 


Schools provide so much knowledge to the students and make them so much more efficient that they achieve a sense of accomplishment in life. According to ERP for school being well educated and well qualified, wherever students go they also spread knowledge and education and due to this even those students who always think that due to scarcity of resources they cannot attain education and knowledge, they also get a chance to get education and be learned people of the society. Being educated students gain more abilities and attain more skill sets which enhances their productivity and ability to deliver more results to their employers in their professional life. Due to education attained in schools’ students become able to learn how to communicate with people and others in a better way. This learned communication level allows students to spread knowledge and gain respect in the eyes of society also. School brings out the best personality from very common students, school is that temple which creates character in a simple student. School grooms a careful and responsible person out of an irresponsible and mischievous student. Schools give the ability to the students to think critically regarding any issue and to solve the issues in the best way. School is that place where students get identification and they come to know about the various talents and capacities hidden in them, by participating in various activities organized by the school. For example, singing classes may help build confidence, increase their IQ and mathematical ability, promote emotional intelligence and build character. If you are thinking of signing up your child for voice lessons or thinking of taking lessons yourself, the boons of doing so will be of great help in life.


Schools make students understand that along with knowledge they need to take care of their health too because learning needs a healthy mind and a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Students learn greater discipline for academics and for life ahead also in the school which benefits them in their professional life too.