A Simple And Modern Pen Plotter For Writing And Drawing On Plain Surface

The AxiDraw is an extremely versatile machine for writing and drawing on a plain surface. It can write with fountain pens, permanent markers, etc. So you can use it for almost any task that might normally be carried out with a handheld pen. This robot allows you to use your computer to produce writing that appears to be handmade like a real pen or laser printer to address an envelope or sign one’s name. AxiDraw can even grip a fountain pen at a proper angle of 45° to the paper, so users can also use implements that aren’t pens, such as pencils, chalk, charcoal, brushes, and many others.

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AxiDraw Features:

1- Formal invitations.
2- Place cards for formal dining.
3- Signing diplomas and other certificates.
4- Addressing envelopes and boxes.
5- Hand-written” wine lists and menus at restaurants.
6- Decorating lunch bags.
7- Computer generated artwork.
8- Technical drawing.
9- Thank you notes and cards.
10- Writing signatures.

The AxiDraw’s Price is $450 and available to order at Evil Mad Scientist