A Powerful Restore Point Maker, That Will Save Your Time And Never Shut Down Your Computer

This software is powerful to make a Restore Point, it also lets you create Restore Point and it can manage. You need the Restore Point you can see, the time that you had made, and you can easily Restore. Simply restart your system once and System Restore will be will be. The software is composed of three setups, and it is always running with Admin rights.



How to Use QRM-Plus:

1- First open QRM Manager and create a Restore Point by clicking the Create Button.

2- You can also remove Restore Points from the list Just select and click the Delete Button.

3- Simply Restore your computer just select your desired Restore Point from the list and click the Restore Button, your system will restart your computer and launch the Restore Process.

4- Just install the Right-Click Menu option and if you want Choose Uninstall to remove it.

5- Use QRM Plus setup to generate restore point easily.[adsense]

Screen Shots:




Some Important Things:

Do not Move, Delete, or Rename any of the items in the QRM Plus Folder, because all files needed for the applications to work. If you move items such as the application folder
you will need to run QRM Menu Setup again to redo the Right-Click menu. Also do not have to install the Right-Click menus to use the applications. simply open the QRM Plus Folder and Click to run.

Download software from the link given to you and then it is the custom to make the save. Extract it and then use it.www.thewindowsclub.com