A Guide to Reducing Mess During Home Renovation Projects

You might be reluctant to begin the home renovations that your house desperately needs because you are worried about the amount of mess that these projects will cause. If you are concerned about the mess that your next home renovation project may cause, here are some of the steps that you can take to prevent the disruption from taking over your home.

Find the Right Contractors

Some contractors are more careful when it comes to making a mess than others. Although some amount of mess is inevitable, it is important that you look around for contractors who will tread lightly and ensure that your home is left in a similar state to that which it was in previously. Replacing your roof can be one of the messiest jobs out there and can make your whole home unrecognizable for some time. If you are planning to replace your roof, you should look for a new roof installation contractor who will use Equipter machines and who respects the ‘New Roof-No Mess’ program. The Equipter will collect debris from your home using a hydraulic lift mechanism before it even touches the floor, ensuring that you do not have to mop up debris for weeks and months to come.

Use Dust Sheets

To prevent any debris from damaging furniture that you cannot move to a safe place, you should make sure that you spend time covering it with dust sheets before the builders arrive. This will mean that even if dust and paint fly around your building for the next few hours, it will not permanently scar the possessions that you treasure so much. You should make sure that these dust sheets are properly tied down and covering the entirety of your furniture too, or else you may find that they slip off during the day amid the flurry of activity to come.

Use Effective Clean-Up Methods

You should also try to reduce the mess of your home renovation program by using effective clean-up methods. For instance, you might hire a dumpster within which you can throw away vast amounts of material. You might also use a pressure washer to wash large surfaces quickly and to get rid of tough stains and dust. This will ensure that no speck of dirt remains in your house by the time you are finished.

Put Possessions in Storage

While you may miss your possessions for a while, putting your furniture and ornaments in storage for a while is a great way to keep them safe. Not only this but putting them in storage will mean that you do not have to desperately search your house for spare corners to stash them if you want to empty out large rooms. Using a storage unit means that you will not have to spend weeks tripping over boxes and that you will not have to think about your favorite items until the project has been completed. You should look for a storage unit near you that is easy to get to, and that will not leave you completely out of pocket by the time you are ready to pick up all of your items.