A Fun Way To Search That You Can Compete With Any Two Website

Today I want to introduce a very good and unique thing that the majority of you have never seen before. On this website you can compete in any two Web sites on the Internet, which is popular Web site. This website is search the internet internet site in which there are many results. So what are you waiting for? Open web site and get any two competing websites. For example, if you write Keyword # 1 is the first site and the second site of Keyword # 2 writes. The first is a result 1000, and 4000, when the Internet was required more often in Google’s name is written on the other site.


How to get competitive in two websites:

Simply Open Googlefight Website and Keyword # 1 in the box mashable and techcrunch Enter Keyword # 2 in the box, now click the fight button. Mashable.com got 1620000 results and techcrunch.com got 2560000 results. You see that techcrunch will win. That way you can compete with any website. Get event such as Yahoo and Google, and see who wins.[adsense]


Just open this link and enjoy with www.googlefight.com