A Fastest And Most Efficient Free Torrent Search Engine Searching For Torrents

Bit Che is a powerful and best result Freeware Torrent Search Engine searching for torrents simple. You can quickly searches many torrents websites and easily organizes the results. It also allows you to complete preview the torrent details by reading the torrent file directly. It is totally free, and if you want extra benefit like Search Tabs, Filter Search List ‘As You Type’ etc then you buy Plus Edition.

Bit Che

Free Bit Che features:
1- Super fast torrent searching, Advanced result filtering.
2- Integrates with any torrent download client.
3- Translated into over 35 languages.

Plus Edition Bit Che features:
1- Filter Search Results and Tabbed Searching.
2- Media Type Searching and Morning Coffee Extension.
3- You can upgrade Free to Plus Edition Bit Che in only 10 $.[adsense]

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