A Complete Guide to Angular Training Online


Are you thinking of getting into the training course of the Angular framework? Then this is the right place you have come into. Here you will get information regarding the Angular training online course and learn to create complex and data-centric applications of the web.

Overview of Training Course

This training course is on Angular 11 where you can master yourself in the creation of data-centric web applications. The course will provide you with:

  • Every latest feature covering from Angular 2 – 11
  • Interactive training instructor for 24 hours
  • Learning by performing, and experiencing an end-to-end cycle of development
  • Learning Pipes, TypeScript, and Routing, Directives, HTTP, and more.

Why do you need to learn Angular 11?

Angular has now become quite popular for its ability to create dynamic apps and data binding capabilities. Its dependency injection features have helped to reduce the procedure of writing down codes significantly. The framework is being used exhaustively by many developers for building mobile applications, web, and desktop. This is why a wide range of opportunities have come up for the professionals who have trained themselves in Angular 11.

Training Process

This comprehensive training brings you the scope to learn the robust and dynamic JavaScript-based framework of development to create Single Page Applications. Expert tutors guide on the framework basics like Pipes, Forms, and Styling CSS. Then moves to complex areas like Directives, Routing, and other exercises where the end-to-end process of building applications is done. Through the practical approach of practice, a diverse process of gaining knowledge on developing Single Page Apps is given. By the end of the training program, individuals will become used to the language and structure of building SPA applications. This knowledge will help them to achieve a faster ROI for their business with lesser maintenance and development costs.

Advantages of Training Course

For any developer of an organization, Angular brings in a lot of advantages like:

  • A good amount of salary ($111,888 per year in the USA)
  • Job prospects get enhanced in top websites (like – Lego, PayPal, The Guardian, etc., especially the ones built on Angular).

Organizational advantages are like:

  • Creating more interactive and responsive apps using Angular.
  • Allowing developers to become more productive by reducing code.
  • Integration with various applications seamlessly.
  • Making desktop, web, and native applications.

Learning Prospects of Angular Training

The various learning prospects of this training program are as follows:

  • TypeScript
  • Components
  • Modules
  • Templating
  • Form Management
  • Services
  • Remote and Routing Communication
  • Web Components
  • Advanced Features
  • Unit testing
  • Debugging
  • Dev Tooling
  • Bundling

Who can attend this Training?

  • Novices or professionals looking forward to building single-page apps.
  • Anyone regardless of experience can attend
  • Professionals looking for the process of developing web pages.
  • Individuals aspiring career in web app development.[adsense]


To attend this course, there are two minimum prerequisites, which include:

  • Knowledge on basic HTML & CSS
  • Knowledge of Intermediate JavaScript

So as you have gained much insight on Angular Training Online, then come and get yourself registered with it to experience much more career opportunities.