7 Ways To Make Money on Instagram


Instagram provides us with elements of entertainment like beautiful photos, live videos, fun stories which make it the most diverse and popular social media with millions of people. Besides that, it always helps to make money.

By sharing your unique perspective and increasing engagement on Instagram you can monetize your account. Getting an Instagram growth service also helps to monetize your account even faster. The brands get the advertising opportunities to increase more Instagram followers with incredible reach and influence. There are many interesting possibilities for users to make money.

Some interesting facts about Instagram for making money are:

  • More than a billion active users join every month.
  • Brand ads on Instagram get a reach of more than a billion users.
  • 90% of users follow companies or brands on Instagram.
  • More than 500 million accounts upload Stories daily.
  • 61% of users find new products or services on Instagram.

So here are some of the ways by which you can make money on Instagram:

  1. Influencer Marketing Platforms

Influencer marketing is one of the profitable ways to make money on Instagram. With the increased engagement on Instagram, you can charge brands for hundreds to thousands of dollars by sponsored posts or stories.

Finding brands to become partners with on sponsored posts can be tricky for start-up businesses. Bigger influencers (100,000+ followers) can take it easy, but the smaller accounts (5,000+ followers) have to work with themselves first. Find companies or brands with which you want to work with and present how you can present yourself for products or services. When your account gets more Instagram followers, you will get an offer for influencer agents to recommend you for brands.

  1. Sell Affiliate Products

You can add tracked links to your bio section and description section of each post on Instagram. These tracked links make a connection of your page to various company websites and their products for sponsoring on the company’s behalf.

The company pays you a certain amount of money for every customer who visits the company’s website by using your link and sometimes, they offer a percentage of the profit if the user purchases a product.

  1. Sell Your Instagram Photos

One of the easiest ways to make money on Instagram is to sell your photos or drawings etc. There are some following methods to sell your photos:

  • For a large following, you can sell prints, photos, or drawings to your followers for a fee.
  • There are some sites like Shopify which sell your photos on their website for money.
  • You can reach out to companies on Instagram for your picture services and you can get paid for posting specific types of photos for their products.
  1. Sell Presets or add Filters

By presenting a common and easy-to-sell item on Instagram accounts for some extra money. Presets are created in lightroom which enhances the effects of Instagram images with special filters, designed by Instagramers or photography professionals who are put to sale by owners.

Selling presets may not provide enough money to live off but it is an easy and effective way to earn extra cash. If you have a unique photography sence to attach more Instagram followers. It can emulate your work on its pages and share it with its followers.

  1. Instagram Stories, Live Events, Instagram TV, and Reels

For monetizing your Instagram account you must take care of Stories, Instagram Lives, Reels and IGTV.

In Instagram Stories images only last 24 hours and then disappear which remain in your account memory and highlight ones at the top of your profile. IGTV is designed to allow users to post longer with high-quality videos to upload videos of 15-60 minutes. It can be used as a standalone app which you can install separately to reinforce your Instagram account to make money by increasing engagement on Instagram.

Instagram Reels is the newest feature of the social network which gives direct competition to TikTok and a great way to highlight your content.

  1. Create a Niche

For getting attention and to make money from your account, you must be specialized in a niche market such as animals/pets, eCommerce accounts for selling products or services, Brands, Food and recipes, fitness, and diet etc.

People who successfully make money on Instagram must start a business in your expertise field to teach and show about your brand (news, projects, etc.). Reviews are also popular on Instagram. You can highlight and review various products such as skincare, hair products, and household items for more Instagram followers.

  1. Advertising on Instagram

Selling products on Instagram is very competitive. So, to make money, you must invest money first.

An advertising campaign on Instagram exponentially increases engagement on Instagram by attracting potential customers or followers to your account.

There is no minimum budget mentioned for advertisements. You can invest $5 a day or $3,000 a month which completely depends on your business.

Instagram campaigns can be modified at any time by providing opportunities to both small and big accounts.


For spreading business it takes more effort and money by involving more Instagram followers. But, your initial investment should be low and your content must be involved to get results for your growth.

Try different things to satisfy your audience. It may take a few weeks or months to earn a profit from Instagram but always learn your own strengths in marketing to become a successful Instagrammer.