7 Ways Software Testing Can Help Your Business


You can’t avoid all the bugs and defects. Even if you hire an exceptionally talented and skilled development team, there will still be bugs in their perfect code. This is an integral part of the software development process.

Some bugs remain undetected for years, while others can do huge damage to your business and hurt the company’s image in just a few minutes. They can also make the end consumer lose interest in the product and thus cause significant financial losses.

So companies try to reduce risk and hire the best software developers. But years go by, programming evolves, but there are still errors. Some flaws cost more to business than others, but even the smallest ones cause problems.

Many go the long way and develop QA processes on their project on their own. Some use the service of testing processes audit and develop QA with the support of expert consultants. Another common practice is outsourcing testing.You focus on development, and you require the QA contractor like Codoid to ensure quality and meet deadlines.

Importance of software testing and quality

No matter which way you go, the quality of the product is worth your effort and investment. QA in the IT field is therefore in high demand in recent years. Here are a few ways that software testing can help your business.

1. Customer retention

You only have one chance to make a good first impression. If a user downloads your app and finds flaws in it, he is unlikely to ever use it again. This works even if you fix those flaws.

Consequently, all the effort and money invested in promoting the product has been wasted. And you will have to start all over again.

Getting a new customer costs 7 times more than keeping an old one. So you just can’t afford to make newbie mistakes in the code. After all, they will discover themselves as soon as the user opens the application, logs in, etc.

Fix the bugs or get ready to overpay several times over for customer engagement.

2. Customer satisfaction

As a developer, you have a precise idea of your product. And naturally, you expect to end up with exactly the functionality you planned. Thanks to the efforts of QA experts, your potential customers will have no surprises. The final product will meet the user’s expectations and satisfy their needs. And this is the shortest route to profit.

It is the responsibility of an experienced tester to check the correctness of the application and to meet the customer’s expectations. As well as finding opportunities to exceed these expectations.

3. Cost-effectiveness

QA experts can save your resources. The bottom line is that finding and fixing flaws early in development is much cheaper than already after the release of the software. A good QA team can ensure that a defect report is prepared before the product is launched. Their timely correction will protect the user from the negative experience of getting acquainted with your software, preventing losses.

4. Positive image and growth of brand credibility

QA best practices help avoid the potential harm that bad reviews can cause. The truth is that if an application is released with major bugs, bad reviews cannot be avoided. That’s QA experts apply different testing methods throughout the development process.

5. Saving the customer time and mental energy

If you eliminate all the shortcomings in time, the consumer will not need to restart the application, spend time-fighting bugs or wait for the application to hang. The client has the right to a fully functioning application, without going beyond the deadline. Therefore, he should be able to use the product immediately without encountering dozens of bugs and errors. And since QA specialists are focused on ensuring that the product meets the customer’s expectations, the application will work correctly. This will not harm your busy schedule and nervous system.

6. No downtime and interruptions

Great news for entrepreneurs! When software bugs are fixed, you can focus on your work instead of waiting for the development team to fix another flaw. This saves millions in budgets and makes your business more stable.

7. Suggesting new useful features

A good QA specialist knows the product thoroughly, better than anyone else in the team.

Since the tester has both technical knowledge and an understanding of the client’s needs, he makes recommendations for combining the technical capabilities and needs of the client. This helps the development team to make the app more user-friendly and provide the consumer with a positive experience.[adsense]

Summing Up

It’s not just your product that affects the customer experience, but also your company website as a whole. So make sure that your site has a nice design and good, user-friendly functionality. Check whether the website builder you use meets the objectives of your business.

As for software test – it plays a vital role in its development and is an integral part of the program development life cycle. Over time, you will no longer see software test as something extra. You will realize that it is a necessary stage for constant confidence in the quality of a software solution. Don’t be afraid to implement tests, and the resources spent on them will definitely pay off.