7 Surprising Reasons You Should Get an IT Security Audit


No human system is entirely foolproof. The IT systems are by no means exceptional. They are also prone to unauthorized breaches, hacking, and exposure of the data, alongside many other threats. If these issues are not highlighted and tackled in time, they may pose undue stress and damages to the systems.

There is therefore the need for the systems to be audited from time to time. This calls for the intervention of the IT security audit services. These are geared towards supervising and unearthing any issues with the systems.

In the meantime, let us highlight and discuss 7 surprising reasons you should get an IT security audit for your company.

7 Surprising Reasons for IT Security Audit

Below now are the seven reasons identified and explained in finer details:

  1. Safeguard your IT systems from cyber attacks

The number one reason for this intervention is to safeguard your IT systems from cyber-attacks. It makes this possible principally by identifying that area that are generally vulnerable to attacks. In this way, the practice gives you the psychological preparedness you need to prevent such attacks from happening.

In the unlikely event that the attacks do actually happen, the audit lets you handle and mitigate the adverse impacts thereof. On the strength of this arrangement, you are more likely to ensure safer operations and prevent the issues from getting unnecessarily out of hand. At the top of these is adequate protection from malware and viruses.

  1. Anticipates any necessary changes

Trends come and go. Your firm needs to keep pace with them. By carrying out regular auditing, you are capable of anticipating any changes that may have to be implemented in the system well in advance. This is of course vital in this ever-competitive business environment.

By taking early interventions and making the necessary adjustments beforehand, you will position yourself way ahead of your peers in the business environment. Then again, you get to enjoy the benefits that the new changes have to bring about at the earliest time possible. This of course leads to greater profitability in your business undertakings overall.

  1. Improves your business’ use and uptake of the IT technology

There are many IT systems in vogue at the moment. The challenge of identifying the right one for your business may be tricky. To be on the safe side, you need to know what kind of tool to use when. This is a task that only professional security experts may help you to tackle.

Expert IT auditing companies like Network IQ, have the personnel, resource base, and expertise necessary to identify and advise you on the kinds of tools to make use of for what. They may also advise you on how best to save your time and bring about the highest levels of productivity.

  1. Analyzes your IT practices

Further to the above, the regular auditing of the IT systems helps to analyze the same to ascertain whether your practices are alright or not. Through this analysis, your firm is able to know the problem areas it may need to work on and the steps to take to remedy the inadequacies.

A typical audit report in this sense comprises a list of findings, problem areas, and likely proposed solutions. Also coming along are some of the cost implications of the present errors you may be doing. Adhering to these proposals will bring down your costs of operations and up your levels of profitability.

  1. Keeps an eye on the flow of data in your business

The flow of data in your business affects how your business operates and the incomes it ultimately rakes in. It is thus in your best interest to maintain as smooth a flow of the data as possible. Yet again, the IT audit practice examines the flow of the data to see to it that it is flawless.

As part and parcel of this, the practice sees to it that you make the necessary adjustments to stem any adverse tides that may impede the smooth flow thereof. If you wish to get started on this, we recommend that you pair with the Network IQ Company. It has the resource base needed for the job.

  1. Finds out any vulnerabilities

For the disaster to hit a system, there must definitely be some vulnerable areas that the hackers ultimately capitalize on. In the course of an audit, these areas are identified and clearly mapped. The information so obtained eventually helps the firms concerned to map out a suitable deterrent.

Some of the areas that may be prone to hacking and security breaches are the security applications, operating systems, access controls, hardware, software, and handling procedures. Do hook up with the Network IQ firm as it has the expertise needed to unearth any such vulnerability and handle them appropriately.

  1. Strengthen controls of the IT systems

As a long time solution, the IT systems need to be effectively controlled. This basically entails sealing any loopholes that may be used or taken advantage of by hackers to infiltrate the system altogether. The process of IT auditing identifies the strategies that may be adopted to make this come true.[adsense]

Coincidentally, most companies that handle the auditing also implement the strategies that may be used to strengthen the systems to prevent the recurrence of the same issues in the future. Thus, pairing and working with them is also a sure way of enriching the operations of your company considerably.


With the ever-increasing threats of cyber-attacks from many sources comes the desperate need to put your ‘house in order.’ From the foregoing explanations, one thing stands out. That the IT systems auditing is a great practice to leverage in your effort to enhance the smoother operations of your firm.

It is therefore in your best interest to find out a firm that engages in its provision and then make appropriate arrangements to work with it. Having said that, we now defer the matter to you to implement the insight in the best way possible.