5 Best Free Website Builders – Get Domain and Hosting Without any Charges

Mostly all free website builders are designed to be extremely easy to use. Especially ideal for non-technical computer users who want to create an attractive, professional-looking web site without needing to know HTML or web coding. They allow you to create web pages as easily as you would type a word processing document, and then publish them to your web site just by saving the document. Best for home use, students, marketing professionals, general business. Below are five best and free website builders provides these facilities without any charges.Free Website Builders

Create a professional looking website:

1- WordPress.com:
1-Wordpress.comWordPress.com is the best place for your free WordPress blog or website. You can easily create Arts & Entertainment, Education & Organizations, Business & Services, Health & Wellness, Writing & Books, Family, Home, & Lifestyle related blog and share your ability to others. Just sign up and create your unique website free of cost: www.wordpress.com

2- Weebly.com:
3-WeeblyIf you are looking a website builder. Easy to use and want good quality, then Weebly might just be the builder for you. It is one of the most popular website builders on the planet. Free to use and sign up only requires your email. Its outstanding tool and feature-rich as some other builders. Weebly.com founded in 2006 by college students, more than 25 million unique sites across the Internet. Millions users not pay a cent to use the service: www.weebly.com[adsense]

3- Wix.com:
2-Wix.comWix.com launched in 2010, and now more than 80 million people have built websites using this free facility. Its best feature-rich platform has been popular for its intuitive design options and wide range of interactive tools, such as its streamlined drag-and-drop builder. No doubt it is one of the world’s most popular website builders on the Net. Because It is simple to use, even if you have zero experience, and you can create any kind of website. No charge for hosting and also you can theoretically have a free site for as long as you want: www.wix.com

4- SimpleSite.com:
4-SimpleSite.comSimpleSite.com was founded in 2003 by two brothers in Copenhagen, Denmark. Indeed, it is most useful and user-friendly website building tool available on the market. So non-experienced users who could benefit from putting their personal and professional projects online. Just click “Create a free website” button to make a free website or blog, and share your thinking to others: www.simplesite.com

5- Strikingly.com:
5- Strikingly.comStrikingly is that all of its sites make them simple to build. Also, it gives a fantastic user experience for your visitors on any device. Also, it allows for unlimited free site publishes. Strikingly.com provides totally user friendly experience. They provide three packages, The first is free with a 5 GB monthly bandwidth, but free accounts will be a sub-page of the strinkingly.com site. Join it’s free plan using a simple email address for SignUp:www.strikingly.com