3 Great Website Status Checkers


Everyone has suffered from a website or a server being down. The website may refuse to load, which might cause a lot of problems or the URL you were looking for was not found because of an error that occurred. Sometimes, the website may hang and never load, hence giving you a lot of frustrations. This sometimes leaves you wondering what the problem might be. The next thing that comes to mind may be whether the issue is with the computer, the internet service provider, or the network.itdown

Troubleshooting connection issues

There are many situations that may cause the network to be affected by certain issues, finding the root cause of the problem very difficult. The good news is that you can use different troubleshooting tools that will help you identify the cause of the problem and the kind of steps that you ought to take next. You could be a home user with a few devices or an IT professional who handles many PC’s but the following are some of the tools that may be helpful to you.

1. Website outage status checker

These are important tools that can really help you see if the website is down or probably just responding slowly. The website outage status checker tools or websites help you in figuring out if the webpage is experiencing any problems or if the issue lies with your network. What you will do is enter your URL in the website outage checker tool to check if your website is accessible or not.[adsense]

2. Ping

Ping is actually a tool that checks if a website, server, or device is alive and responding. This tool also measures how long it takes to get a response. You should know that computer networks are not always 100% reliable and the data delivery is not guaranteed as well. Ping helps you to measure the many data packets that get lost on the journey to and back from the device that you want to contact. Ping uses the most advanced software to seek out all your issues.
You should also know that both Linux and Windows come with the ping utility. That means you do not have to download the application at all. If you want to use ping, what you simply do is open a command window then type ping followed by the name of the computer, IP address or the website URL that you want to reach. Ping can also be used to check the availability of devices on your network.

3. Traceroute

This tool actually helps you trace and map out all the routes that the data packets take when they travel from one point to another. It’s to be noted that Traceroute is available on all major operating systems.
When the tool runs successfully, the command returns an ordered list of all the routers that your data passed through as it gets to its final destination.
The website outage status checker is an important tool that you must have if you want your systems to be up and running all the time..