15 Useful Websites to Bookmark for Daily Use

Useful Websites for Bookmark

Most users surf the Internet every day, They opened Google, Facebook, online newspaper websites, Twitter and other site. A specific need may be needed or you end up doing even complicated research since the web speaks mainly in English. Even if the list could be very long, let’s try here to make a small selection of some of the best sites that do only one thing, but they do it immediately for free with a click.Useful Websites for Bookmark Some of these sites may interest students, others work on the computer and for something interesting for new users.

15 UUseful Websites for Bookmark

1- Down for Everyone or Just Me:

Down for Everyone or Just Me is the site to go to when our favorite site doesn’t load and seems unreachable. This way you can immediately check if the site is unreachable and offline for everyone or just for me, because there is a problem on my computer or my internet connection. Out of curiosity or when the internet seems to be slow you can do a test and see if the detected speed is sufficient and corresponding to your Host.

2- How secure is mypassword:

How secure is mypassword is a site that should always be placed among the browser’s favorites to use it often, which has the sole purpose of testing our passwords to know if they are strong or not and how long it would take for violate them or find them.

3- What is my IP:

What is my IP works to know what is our IP address detected outside the network.

4- Can You See Me:

Can You See Me is another useful site to solve connection and network problems in case of connection problems with a certain program, caused perhaps by the firewall or the network provider, you can see if a certain door is locked.

5- Free My PDF:

Free My PDF is an online tool to unlock printing, copying or editing permission on password protected PDF files.

6- Dictation.io:

Dictation is a very significant site which immediately and without registration allows you to write text by dictating by voice.

7- Screen-cast-o-matic:

Screen-cast-o-matic allows you to record everything you do on the Windows desktop and then share the video with other people or publish it on YouTube.

8- Let Me Google for you:

Let Me Google for you is a useful site to help a friend who is not able to do research on Google. The search is done and the auto generated link is sent that shows how this search was made.[adsense]

9- Copypastecharacter.com:

Copypastecharacter is a site that presents all the symbols and special characters to copy and paste them wherever you want on Word, text editor or a chat.

10- ZamZar:

ZamZar is the site to convert files of any type from one format to another free.

11- Privnote.com:

Privnote is one of those sites for sending messages that are destroyed where to write a message share it and make sure that it is automatically deleted after it is read.

12- Pixlr:

Pixlr is a one of the best sites to do more or less advanced photo editing to edit images and apply various types of effects.
its three different tools available free.

13- Receivefreesms:

Receivefreesms is a site for having a phone number for free to receive an SMS to use when requested by the registration of a service or to not give your number in case you need to be contacted by strangers.

14- FakeNameGenerator:

FakeNameGenerator can create a profile of false personal data usable for example to have a Facebook profile or on other social networks that is not attributable to us.

15- FaxZero:

FaxZero is one of the best sites to send a fax through the internet that is worth keeping as a favorite as it allows faxes to be sent directly to a maximum of three pages.