10 Best Christmas Apps for Android and iPhone 2019

Christmas Apps for Android and iPhone 2019

Christmas will come after two months, It can be one of the most beautiful moments of the every year, with all the gifts you need to buy and everything you need to prepare for the dinner and to wish your good wishes. This year 2019 you can take advantage of applications for Christmas, which allow you to enjoy this party without having to stand in front of the computer, wherever you go, with your trusty Smartphone.Christmas Apps for Android and iPhone 2019

There are many applications looking for Christmas in the Google Play stores Android and iTunes for the iPhone and the iPad so it’s better to order and find out which are the most fun apps to use on Christmas Day, before and after, the best ones for hearing Christmas songs and send greetings by sending them from your phone in a more original way.

Best Christmas apps on iPhone and Android:

1- PNP is the North Pole Portable app for iPhone and Android , an official of Santa Claus, perfect for creating and sending personalized Christmas greetings videos, using Santa Claus.

2- Christmas Radio , for iPhone and Android , is ideal for listening to selected Christmas music and continues using the phone as a stereo (perhaps connecting it to external speakers). All the songs are streamed like a radio dedicated to Christmas.

3- The Advent Calendar , the one where every day seems like a window to discover the surprise until Christmas day arrives, can be obtained on smartphones in many different versions. To give a single name I can recommend The Elves’ Adventure of How much Christmas is missing for Android and iPhone or iPad .

4- Inkly Cards is a truly fantastic application for iPhone or iPad and Android that allows you to create greeting cards to be sent to friends’ homes. The postcard is authentically personalized: you write the greeting message on a piece of paper, photograph the card with the iPhone and then insert the message into a graphic model chosen from among the many available.

5- ElfYourself is perhaps the most successful Christmas app ever, released at the end of 2013 and available for Android and iPhone .[adsense]

6- Speaking Santa Claus is an app for Android and iPhone that will amuse everyone. It is a game similar to the famous Talking Tom , only instead of the cat, there is Santa Claus who can be made to speak with our voice to create video messages to be sent also via Whatsapp. Ideal, as well as for fun, even to send greetings to friends.

7- Christmas Ringtones 2019 for Android and iPhone or iPad to download and choose a phone ringtone with a Christmas song melody. A similar app always for Andorid is Ringtones and Christmas backgrounds.

8- PHOTO2cards for iPhone is a nice application to create greeting cards with your own photo and send it via Facebook or other social networks, in a simple and automatic way.

9- Xmas Photo Frames for Android is the app to create a Christmas photo with photo montage. Each photo can be modified by adding a Christmas frame with lights, wreaths or other decorations.

10- Santa App is an application that simulates the arrival of Santa Claus at home to make his children believe he is bringing gifts. The phone must be hidden in the room where there will then be gifts and the application will make Santa speak, tell the children the name and use the flash to light up. SantaApp can be downloaded for iPhone or iPad .