Now Your iPhone Will Be Able To See The Other Side Of The Wall

United State mobile company “Flir” Systems has developed an iPhone cover. Flir One is a new case accessory for your iPhone, through which objects can be seen through walls. In this “iPhone case” an infrared camera and a VGA camera are installed. It is capable of thermal imaging. The infrared thermal image camera provides (Heat-to-image), which is changed to live footage from the VGA camera. Thus the user’s mobile screen items can be found on the other side of the wall.Flir One [adsense]According to the manufacturer company, though this can be seen in the correct position of pipes in the walls, the wires in the home can be found errors, leakage points can be identified before an accident and hid in the bushes of Animals address can be explored. In this case the battery is installed and the price is set at U.S  350$ . In August 2014 it will be offered for sale.