Is Science and Technology Necessary for the Human life?

Science and Technology

Science and Technology is necessary for the human life. The standard of human life is increasing day by day due to science and technology. Science has made revolution in each field of human life. In the past people were working in the dangerous places and many of them died due to climate and danger place of work, e.g.: in Atomic Energy, Chemical factories & oil refinery Plants but now a day science and technology has made revolutionary effect, rebirth has taken place of men.Science and Technology

Science and technology have made medical field very interesting and helpful for human being. Many Fatal diseases have been controlling with the help of science and technology. Also, we can find the hidden diseases which are difficult to found the past years. Now we can fight with the diseases due to revolution in the medical field.[adsense]Natural calamities like storms, heavy rains, tornadoes and earthquake. In past, these calamities were a major cause of human death. Now with the help of science and technology advance forecast of rains and storms warns the people to keep the safety measure well before time.

In past transportation was difficult now a days due to science and technology, transportation is quick, fast, easy and reliable. So, without science and technology, our life will be nothing and difficult. If we summarize, we cannot survive without science and technology.