How To Change The Theme On YouTube: Two Ways


The user can make a dark theme in YouTube through the application settings. Moreover, the computer and mobile versions are synchronized: the web version shows that the theme is “The same as on the device.”

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Customizing themes on YouTube.

In mobile and computer versions, you can change the color of the interface: dark or light. The second is set as standard, so in low light conditions or at night, the user can switch to “Black”.

There are several ways to enable:

on a smartphone and PC in the section: “Themes”; use a plugin with a dark theme.

The last option is suitable if “black” is not displayed or does not work in the browser. Installation of additional components is possible in web browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla and Opera. The user needs to go to the extension store and find a plugin for switching modes by name.

On a smartphone.

You don’t need to install additional applications or plugins via your smartphone.

You can enable a dark theme in YouTube through the settings section:

Go to the YouTube application – click on the icon of your avatar. In the list that appears: “Settings” – Are common. Dark theme – enable.

If the smartphone is synchronized with the computer, then it will turn out to make a dark theme for YouTube on the PC. The shade will automatically change and you can change it to light by specifying the parameter for the web version separately.

From the computer version.

On a PC, to put a theme in YouTube, the user can through the same section “Settings”. But unlike the mobile one, the option is removed from the additional menu.

How to make YouTube black in the browser:

Go to the social network. Click on your avatar icon. In the drop-down menu: “Theme” – choose “Dark” or “Light”.

By pointing on the smartphone and connecting to the same account, the item will appear: “As on the device.” This means that by changing through a PC or mobile version, the shade will change. But if you specify different parameters, then the interface color will be independent for each device.

Plugins for changing the theme in YouTube.

Basically, color change plugins work with all sites. That is, by installing in the browser, the user will change the shade of all tabs that were open.

Install and remove dark theme in YouTube in Google Chrome:

Click on the top of the puzzle icon – Extensions. Go to the store – enter in the search or follow the link: “Dark Mode”. Allow the installation of the plugin in the browser. Refresh your YouTube page.

After installation, an icon with the plugin will appear at the top of the browser. By clicking on it, you can activate or deactivate the dark mode.

Why is the theme not changing on YouTube?

Sometimes errors appear when switching topics on YouTube. This is due to the lack of updates or the user needs to check the current version of the operating system. With regard to the site, this problem rarely occurs, because it is only related to the browser version.

What to do if the theme does not change in the mobile application:

check the latest updates in the Play Market or AppStore; disable and re-enable dark mode on your smartphone; remove launchers and applications that change the appearance on the phone.

For example, many smartphones released since 2019 have a “Dark theme” in the default settings. Apps, including YouTube, adapt to system settings. Therefore, in order to avoid errors and failures, you need to turn off and turn on the mode again.

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